"I have a song which I have written called "The Powers That Be".

This song is so dangerous that I have been nearly imprisoned and banned from even performing it live.

I have been haunted by the leaders of history. I cannot help the fury which is being directed at me. I have been made to sing their message.


I intend to fight to be able to perform this song.....I know I have the power against darkness.....I know darkness cannot truly capture my soul.

Please if you are reading this, consider it to be a terrible wicked confession from a corrupted servant of the world wide political elite. Help me and send your positive energy out to help this to happen. Beautiful love will one day return to the world.

But for now we can only expect horror, death and hell.

And so it is written. And so it shall be done. The elite cannot hide this information for much longer.

The ghosts of history speak through me every night. I have been kept awake by THEM.

Behold a pale horse. I hope when I perform this song and record it, it really really does their bidding or they are going to torture me forever."

Frederick Roussel

18th September 2019