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You're amazing!”

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Thanks for sharing 'Wrap This Up' with all your followers :)
On January 26, 2014

"Hey Frederick! I'm a huge fan. I bought your music off iTunes and I've been playin it in my car for all my friends! They love it!"
Elle Cobb, July 2009
 "I am a huge fan! Your song 'War Song' really influenced me to be an activist...Thanks so much, rock on!"
 Elle Cobb, July 09, 2009
"I like your song and love your message. May the world catch on to your gospel and may we all live in peace. All the best!"
June 19, 2009 Sergio -  MySpace SH
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Good luck with the last song!!!
Love Celeste:)"
October 20, 2008 Celeste -  MySpace
"Nice song!"
April 02, 2009 Rita Atencia -  MySpace
"I'm actually on YouTube watching all your videos. You are great! I have yet to listen to one song I didn't like!"
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April 09, 2009 Janey -  MySpace
"Hi!! Hey, Mexico is awesome specially Guadalajara (my city), you should come someday! I believe you're very talented and really wish you the best in your career (but promise me when u make world tours you'll visit Mexico). Have a nice week!"
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November 25, 2008 Ron -  MySpace
"Your song is really neat. I understand what you mean about wanting to show people the truth about the war. it really sucks that all those people had to die, but peace will soon come, give it time."
November 26, 2008 Jamila Webb -  MySpace
"The song is fabulous, and I think what you are trying to do is fabulous as well!"
November 30, 2008 Amanda -  MySpace
"Without war America would not be a free country!!"
November 30, 2008 Kelli -  MySpace
"What a unique song!! and i agree i don't think we should have war at all. lets bring are troops home!! anyways have a good one!"
December 07, 2008 Stephanie -  MySpace
"Thanks for the video,
you're an awesome singer!"
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"I like the song. I was an anti-nuclear activist myself so I get what you are saying. 
Good luck and Best wishes Frederick!"
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